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I have been an animal massage therapist since 2003, and for the first nine years I worked with veterinary surgeons from Poland. I help animals using physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and local kinesitherapy. My patients are mostly dogs and cats.

If you have a question, please do check if you

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1. Do I need the vet’s consent for the dog’s massage?

Yes, The vet’s consent is required


2. What should I do when the vet does not have any knowledge about animal therapeutic massage and looks at me strange while being asked about rehabilitation opportunities?

 It would be good to encourage the vet to get familiarized with information concerning animal therapeutic massage, which is available on my website. Apart from that, leaflets in polish and English version can be provided if necessary.


3. How  much does one massage session cost?

To find out more about the cost of my services, please check the price list.


4. What is the cost for a consultation?

The first consultation is always  free.


5. What are the opening hours for the centre?

The deadline for every appointment – massage is set  individually within seven weekdays.


6. Is it possible to make an appointment at weekend?

Yes, ofcourse. I am available at weekends as well.


7. Is it possible to book a home visit?

Home visits are possible only in particular cases.  For example, in the case of horse as a patient. In these circumstances  home visit is possible, but the  commuting  costs must be calculated and covered by the pet’s owner.


8. How long does the massage last?

The massage session can last from 25 till 70 minutes. Its duration  depends on the pet’s size, the massaged area, stage of rehabilitation and some more factors. Minimum half an hour should  be booked  for the first visit.


9. How many massage sessions are necessary to  bring the pet a relief and benefit?

Ten sessions is a minimal amount, which is required. Some patients need several visits, some  many  more. In extreme cases several dozen of visits are necessary.



10. Should the dog be specially prepared for the massage?

No, Keeping the dog clean is a minimal  requirement. The owner can bring a blanket or towel to make the pet feel relaxed and comfortable during the session. The owners, whose pets suffer from involuntary urine elimination are requested to bring incontinence pads.


11. Can I exercise with the pet at home?

Sure,The owner’s involvement and cooperation is very helpful in pet’s rehabilitation process. Moreover, the exercises suitable for a given  patient  are demonstrated  to its  owner as well.

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